Faq | Payments | Why did I receive a payment reminder?

Why did I receive a payment reminder?

Did you receive a reminder from us even after you have made a payment or returned items?

You can let us know that you received an unjustified payment reminder here:

I already paid / returned

1. When did you send your payment? Please allow 5 working days for us to register the payment. As confirmation, you will automatically receive an email from us.

2. Did you return an item? A return may take up to 14 days to be credited back to you. We will send you a confirmation email as soon as we've processed your return.
3. Have you used the order number as payment reference? Please always use the order number as payment reference so that we can process your payment quickly. If you used something else as a payment reference, made a typo in your order number or if you left the field blank, please allow 5 working days for us to check your payment. Within this time, we will process your payment or refund the amount to you.

Please check your bank account to see if you have received a refund from us. If we sent you a refund, we ask you to please pay for the order again using the correct payment reference.

If you haven't received a payment confirmation or a refund within 5 working days, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
4. Have you paid for several orders together? If you have paid the outstanding invoice amounts for several orders by bank transfer, it is quite possible that we are unable to allocate the amounts to the individual orders. Please contact our customer service department in this case, and provide us with the order number(s) in question, as well as the reason for payment specified.
5. Did you forget to pay the outstanding amount? Please pay this as soon as possible to the following account, and make sure to state your order number in the payment reference field:

Payee: Zalando Payments GmbH
IBAN: DE86210700200123010101
Reference: Your order number

Not sure what your open amount is?

You can find an overview of all your open amounts in your customer account.

You consent to the assignment of the seller’s claims for payment of the purchase price to third parties, in particular to Zalando Payments GmbH.

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