When will I receive my refund?

As soon as your returned goods have been received by us (or by our partner, in the case of partner items), the amount for those items will be automatically refunded.

The time it takes for a refund to be issued depends on the payment method, but will be processed within 14 days following receipt of the returned items.

What you can expect according to payment method: 

Payment by invoice: The credit note involves deducting the value of the returned goods from the invoice. You only pay for the goods that you decide to keep. Have you already paid? Then we will credit the amount to your bank account.

Pre-payment: You will be credited to the bank account from which you made the payment.

Direct debit (SEPA Lastschrift): You will be credited to the bank account from which you made the payment.

Credit card: A credit note will be applied to the credit card account charged by us. Your refund will appear in your next credit card statement.

PayPal: The refund amount will be credited to the PayPal account used by you. You can yourself decide on PayPal whether the amount remains in your PayPal account or is credited back to your bank account.

Gift card: If you return goods that have been purchased with a gift card the credit will be added to your customer account and you will be able to use it on future orders. Gift card credit cannot be exchanged for cash.


Please bear in mind we do not reimburse the express delivery fee in the case of returns.

Refunds for Zalando-shipped orders and Partner orders are made separately so you may receive confirmation of your refund in different instalments at different times.

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