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The perfect time to wear women's denim jackets

Denim jackets are great for those nippy summer evenings or as an extra layer under a winter coat. Because they come in so many shapes and sizes, it's easy to convince yourself to get another one to go with a different look.

Women's denim jackets truly are the one staple piece of clothing that has stood the test of time and never seem to go out of fashion. Denim is a constant in most women's wardrobes and is very versatile.

From wardrobe essentials to denim on denim pairings, the versatility of women's denim jackets is unrivalled. Take your jacket out for brunch or afternoon tea and style it with a pair of skinny jeans, a white tee, and some ankle boots to round it off, or pop one over a flowery summer dress to avoid the chill while still looking stylish.

Denim on denim, anyone?

Denim on denim has always been a tricky little creature to try and pull off but it certainly can be done and when it's done properly, it's a knockout.

If you're starting out with denim on denim experimentation, avoid diving straight into the blue on blue and opt for a mix of colours rather. Start with black jeans, a check shirt, and a denim jacket to round out the look. You could also opt for a pair of white jeans, some sneakers, and a darker denim jacket over a flowery shirt. The options are endless.

Avoid overkill with denim accessories and stick with a traditional handbag instead. Play with the colours, add some brighter colours to your accessories to draw attention away from the denim and instead have the denim complement your accessories and highlight the outfit.

Use different shades to highlight the areas that you want by wearing darker denim jeans to create a slimmer look around the legs and a lighter women's denim jacket to highlight the top half and keep the attention where you want it.

To add a little bit of contrast to your outfit when going for denim on denim, consider going for a distressed denim jacket. A couple of rips go a long way to pull attention away from the whole look and focus on particular parts of the outfit. Don't be afraid to rip away but avoid wearing distressed from top to bottom.

Is it time for denim jackets for men?

Although not quite as timeless as women's denim jackets, the gents among you may want to get in on the denim jacket trend too and flex some of your outfits but make sure your jacket fits you properly, none of these over-sized options for you guys.

Avoid going double denim, and definitely don't do blue on blue, that doesn't work with guys anymore. What you want to do is try pairing your denim jacket with a pair of chinos to create more of a contrast and finish it off with a casual men's tee and some decent kicks.

Layering denim jackets for men with a hoodie is absolutely the way to go, especially on those colder nights. Find a lightweight hoodie for the daytime if you need to and couple it with a distressed denim jacket, some snug jeans, and a pair of sneakers or trainers and you're good to go.