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What are the conditions for selling my items?

Sell your unloved items bought previously at Zalando back for credit. If you have like-new items bought at Zalando that you are no longer wearing, you can send them to us in exchange for a Zalando gift voucher. Alternatively, Zalando can donate the value to a local cause.

How can I sell items to Zalando?

Click here to read our instruction for selling items

What happens to the items I sold?

We store your items and sell them in the right season through the best possible sales channel. Some items are better suited for offline resale, others sell better through online channels. In essence, we take on your sales risk and rely on being able to minimise this risk with our sales opportunities.

Are all items eligible for selling?

Items must be in like-new condition. We cannot accept:

  • Items with signs of use such as stains, holes or odour
  • Intimate items such as lingerie and swimwear
  • Counterfeit items and/or items without a brand label
  • Children's clothing
  • Basics such as plain, monochrome t-shirts
  • Jewellery, scarves or hats
  • Items that are still within their 100-day return period
  • Items that were not bought at Zalando

Items that have been purchased as pre-owned on Zalando and that fulfill our acceptance criteria are eligible for selling.

What are my redemption options?

You can decide what to do with your credit. You can redeem it as a Zalando gift card, or it can be donated. If you choose a donation, Zalando will donate the full value of the sold items to the Red Cross or WeForest.

How does the donation of credit work?

When you select the donation option, you support the respective cause by waiving compensation for sold items. And we're helping by donating that value to your selected charity. Together we can make decluttering your wardrobe and extending the life of fashion even better.

Does it matter whether I bought the item from Zalando or not?

Yes, we can only accept items that were bought previously at Zalando.

What happens if my items are rejected?

Items rejected during the goods check (e.g. due to signs of wear) will be sent back to you or donated to charity after consultation.

If the parcel can't be delivered back to you, it will be returned to our warehouse and stored for two weeks. If you do not contact us within those two weeks, the items will be donated.

Please do not send any items that do not match the acceptance criteria in order to avoid unnecessary transportation.

Please be aware that if the items we receive from you do not match the items you have submitted digitally and were accepted by us, we will donate these items and not send them back to you.

Do I have to pay anything for the service? Is shipping free?

The service is 100% for free. You don´t have to pay for shipping or returns.

How many items can I sell at a time?

You can sell up to 20 items in one go. Please do not add more items than you have listed in your sell box.

Can I submit more than one sell box at a time?

No, you can only register one sell box at a time. After we've checked and processed it in our warehouse, you can register a new sell box.

Please send all items from your sell box in one package. In case your parcel is not big enough, please register the item(s) in the next sell box.

Is there a different pricing for new items with a tag?

All items have to be in a like-new condition. The price does not differ if the tag is still attached.

Do all items have to have a washing tag?

No, all items need to have a brand and size tag but a washing tag is not mandatory.

Where can I find the gift card code of my sell box?

You can find the gift card code either in your e-mails or in your user account under "Sell items", next to liked and owned items.

What happens if I change my mind?

After you've registered your sell box, you can cancel it for a brief period of time. If that option is not available any longer, please contact our customer care.

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