General information on the availability of payment methods

Below you'll find the details on the different factors that influence whether or not a particular payment method is available at the time you order.

Please remember that our customer service can not change the availability of payment methods manually.

When you order by invoice, we pay upfront

We're pleased to offer a variety of different payment methods for a shopping experience that best suits you. For certain payment methods such as payment by invoice, Zalando Payments pays the supplier in advance.

This means that a risk and credit assessment, is necessary before providing the option.

How does the risk assessment work?

Zalando payments takes the data you entered when placing your order then inquires with economic agencies in the context of a risk assessment. The agencies inform us whether information on your credit value is available.

Why is my preferred payment method not offered?

Zalando Payments decides which payment method can be offered based on an automated risk assessment evaluation and decision.

It's possible that you'll be offered a certain payment method for one order, but it won't be available for another.

There are also factors that affect the availability of a payment method, such as:

  • The correct name and address combination could not be found. This can happen because of typos, changes of address, marriage, or reunion.

  • The delivery address, Packstation or company address you used differs from the invoice address.

  • Your personal shopping limit was exceeded when you placed your order. This is e.g. possible if there are still unpaid orders.

What can I do if a payment method is not offered?

If you have orders with unpaid amounts, please check and settle them. You can also change your address before finishing the order if the delivery and invoice addresses do not correspond.

It may happen that your preferred payment option is still unavailable after the adjustments. We’re sorry in advance. But we cannot change the availability of payment methods manually. Simply select a method that is available to you.

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