Faq | Pre-owned | How can I sell items to Zalando?

How can I sell items to Zalando?

Sell your unloved items for credit. If you have like-new items in your wardrobe, you can sell them to us in exchange for a Zalando gift card voucher. Alternatively, Zalando can donate the value to a local cause.

Here's how it works:

1. Go to "Sell items" in your user account, next to your liked and owned items.

2. Select items previously bought on Zalando and add up to 20 of them to your sell box. We'll let you know right away how much credit each item is worth.

3. Choose your credit option once you've added all items to your sell box. You can redeem it as a Zalando gift card, or Zalando can donate it to the Red Cross or WeForest.

4. Submit your sell box and receive an email with a list of accepted items within 1-2 days. We'll double check if they fit our acceptance terms. Please note that prices could change at this point in time. You can find the final prices listed in your email.

5. Send your items with your shipping label and drop off your sell box at your choice of DHL location free of charge.

Please make sure to ship all the items you want to sell in one box because the shipping label that we send to you is only valid once.

Also make sure to only ship Pre-owned items you would like to sell to us and NOT items you wish to return to Zalando that are still within their 100-day return period. If you send us items in the same box that were meant for return, there is a chance they will end up in our donation box.

When we have to reject items, you can opt to get them back or we can donate them on your behalf. If the parcel can't be delivered back to you, it will be returned to our warehouse and stored for two weeks. If you do not contact us within those two weeks, the items will be donated.

Please be aware that if the items we receive from you do not match the items you submitted digitally and were accepted by us, we will donate these items and not send them back to you.

6. Receive your credit confirmation once we've checked the quality of the items. This may take up to 14 working days. You will receive an email with your gift card voucher code or a confirmation of the donation afterwards.

What happens if I change my mind?

After you've registered your sell box, you can cancel it for a brief period of time. If that option is no longer available, please contact our customer service.

Articles must be in like-new condition. We cannot accept:

  • Items with signs of use such as stains, holes or odour
  • Intimate items such as lingerie and swimwear
  • Counterfeit items and/or items without a brand label or a size label
  • Children's clothing
  • Beauty items
  • Basics such as plain, monochrome t-shirts
  • Jewellery, scarves or hats
  • Items that are still within their 100-day return period

All items that have been purchased as pre-owned at Zalando and that fulfil our acceptance criteria are eligible for selling.

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